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Scream & Shit (Scream & Shout Willam Mashup/Parody)

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  • Anonymouswhat's the line for acquiescing to a social justice agenda? i mean, i'm all about not offending someone needlessly, but i just saw a post saying that in disney's pocahontas the scene where pocahontas is trying to leave and john smith like, grabs her hand, is perpetrating domestic violence and they called it "near-date-rape." i'm scared to disagree for fear of being insensitive or enabling, but at the same time these ideas seem extreme and minimize real domestic violence and sexual assault.
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    This is like my major problem with the social justice community on tumblr. It’s like a hivemind of people who just create these dogmatic rules about social justice, a lot of which makes no sense, (near date rape? This is absurd. You are not weird for being suspicious of this, because it is absurd) and if people disagree or dissent they get ostracized and unfollowed into oblivion.

    The social justice community, not just on tumblr, but the internet in general is obnoxiously cynical and has no trust in the inherent goodness of human beings. They act as if humans default to evil. Everything that happens ever must be somehow a result of some injustice caused by the patriarchy or the white man or the straight man.

    This is not to say that there aren’t real issues, or that privilege doesn’t exist, obviously. But when we are writing blog posts picking apart the sexism and racism of 20 year old cartoon movies, perhaps we are being a little opportunistic. People who do things like that give me the impression that they actually don’t give a shit about the problems in the world and just want something to yell about.

    What’s the line? The line is subscribe to things that make sense to you, and reject things that don’t. Don’t go along with things “just because.” And never hold anything you believe as dogma, always be ready to change your mind if you are presented with evidence that says you should.

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A guide on how to give a blowjob:


My metaphorical dick is cringing in horror rn.

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